Proofreading is about making sure that text is correct. It does not involve rewriting large chunks of material; it is the review of a final draft prior to its publication or intended use.

Our proofreading service will highlight:

  • any spelling mistakes,
  • any misuses of punctuation,
  • any grammatical errors, and
  • any inconsistencies in layout.

Proofreading rates:

£20 – 30 for the first 1,000 words of text,
£10 – £20 for every 1,000 words thereafter.
Word count includes text in any tables, diagrams or other illustrations.

How the proofreading service works:

1. Message us with details of your document via the link on our Contact page. Select Proofreading from the subject dropdown menu. Please upload a sample of your document, of no more than 500 words.

2. Receive a personalised quote in response via email: the total price for a proofreading review of your document in its entirety, as well as a confirmed date for its return.

3. Submit your document in its entirety for proofreading.

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting whole documents.

Example: What is Proofreading?

Before Review

See if you can spot all of the errors in this first draft of our guide to proofreading.

After Review

Did you find them all? See the errors we identified and the recommendations we suggested to make this final draft fit for purpose.

After Review (pdf)

We include a PDF version of all returned documents as a record of suggestions made.

For more information:

please see our FAQ page, or contact