Convert an audio or video file into written form with our transcription service.

This is for situations that require concise records that can be used for another purpose: either as a point of reference for checking facts, or for passing on information to other people.

Files covering any topic are welcomed.

We will provide a detailed summary of your file, omitting anything that adds no value. Any hesitancies in speech, interruptions or small talk will be ignored, unless you request otherwise.

We will edit and paraphrase, where necessary, to improve readability, but guarantee that all thoughts and ideas expressed will be maintained.

We will employ a consistent style, with correct use of spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout, and deliver a clean transcript that is fit for purpose.

Transcripts are delivered in Word format.

Transcription costs:

  • £1.20 – £1.50 per 60 seconds of audio or video for 1 voice,
  • £1.50 – £1.80 per 60 seconds of audio or video for 2 voices,
  • £1.80 – £2.10 per 60 seconds of audio or video for 3 voices, and
  • £2.10 – £2.40 per 60 seconds of audio or video for 4 or more voices.

How the transcription service works:

1. Message us with details of your audio or video file via the link on our Contact page, including its length, how many speakers are involved and the quality of the file. Select Transcription from the subject dropdown menu.

2. Receive a personalised quote in response via email: the total price for a transcription of your file in its entirety, as well as a confirmed date for its return.

3. Submit your file in its entirety for transcription.

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting whole files.

For more information:

please see our FAQ page, or contact stephen@proofedits.com.