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What is the difference between proofreading and copy editing, and how do I know which service is best for me?

Proofreading is about making sure that text is correct; copy editing ensures that it makes sense.
The first draft of a piece of writing may sometimes end up as the final one due to it being deemed satisfactory, but in most cases, further work is required. First drafts are often quite rough, and it may take several revisions before a final draft is achieved. A copy editor may be employed to review one or all revised drafts.
Proofreading is reviewing text intended as a final draft. It identifies any errors that arise from revisions during copy editing, but there should be far fewer of these at this stage. Proofreading should not be employed for any rewriting purposes; it is about ensuring the final text is fit for purpose.
Copy editing, therefore, is best suited to any text that is open to further review; proofreading is for reviewing text in its final draft.

What does your proofreading and copy editing service offer that is different to using an online spelling or grammar checker?

Online checking tools may automatically employ American spellings, or they may be unable to tell if a word is used in its correct context. Think of their, there and they’re: all correctly spelt, but all have different uses. An online tool does not have the capacity to marry the correct spelling to the correct meaning. They can also incorrectly advise the use of commas as they fail to understand context, potentially giving a sentence a whole new meaning to the one intended.

We do not use automated services such as online checking tools, and we succeed where they fail.

What type of documents do you accept for proofreading and copy editing?

Any document intended for viewing by another party requires proofreading or copy editing: academic papers, articles, short stories, novels, business reports, prospectuses, job descriptions, job applications… We welcome documents from clients in all fields!

How do you edit documents?

We ask that documents submitted for proofreading or copy editing are compatible with Microsoft 365 where possible, so that any amendments can be suggested using the Track Changes function of Microsoft Word.

Prefer content to be reviewed in another format? No problem! Please contact stephen@proofedits.com with details.

I do not understand how the Track Changes function works in Microsoft Word. Can you help me?

All suggested amendments are detailed in a list to the right-hand side of the document. Clicking on each one highlights the change needed in the text. Editing is enabled to allow you to make the necessary change. Delete each comment once you have made the change it suggests (right click and ‘delete comment’). Upon deletion of the final comment, the column on the right-hand side will disappear and leave you with a clean document.

If you need any further assistance, please contact stephen@proofedits.com

Can you make changes in the document for me, rather than use the Track Changes function?

We can provide a clean version of your document in Microsoft Word. This means that revisions are made within the document without the need for you to make any corrections yourself. This may involve rewording some material for purposes of clarity. We guarantee that any changes made will not allow your intended reader to misinterpret any of the thoughts or ideas expressed.

Please note, however, that our services do not extend to a full rewrite. Proofreading and copy editing aim to improve the writing, not the content.

A read-only PDF version is also included as receipt of all suggested amendments.

See terms and conditions.

How will you deliver my documents?

Documents reviewed in Microsoft Word are returned to the email address you use to contact us.

A read-only PDF version is also included as receipt of all suggested amendments.

How fast can you review my document or transcribe my file?

All quotes specify a date of return. Although we try to return documents as quickly as possible, it may take longer in busy periods. The complexity of your document or audio/video file also factors into reviewing time.

Need a speedy turnaround? We will try to accommodate such requests, but this will be dependent on volumes of work and the complexity of content.

See terms and conditions.

Do I need to provide you with any additional information?

For the best results from our copy editing service, you are advised to provide details of any special instructions that should be employed consistently in your work. These instructions usually relate to style.

A publishing house may ask that all headings and subheadings in a work of non-fiction be in bold and underlined, for example, but that the subheadings appear in smaller font. They may also have a preference to whether single or double quotation marks are used. And so on.

Universities may issue certain guidelines on how to reference works in academic papers.

By declaring any specific instructions, you allow us to apply consistency in style throughout your work.

Any other information that you think needs to be provided that enables you to get the best results from any of our services, please provide details in your initial email to us.

See terms and conditions.

How are your rates calculated?

All quotes are bespoke and are made dependant on the quality and complexity of content.

In submitting a sample of your document or copy of your CV in the first instance, you allow us to determine how much time to dedicate to a full proofreading or copy editing review of it and to generate a quote that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

For all proofreading and copy editing work, costs are calculated by word count. For transcription, costs are calculated by the length of your audio or video file, how many speakers are featured and the quality of the file.

What method of payments do you accept?

All payments are to be made by online transfers only. Your personalised quote will provide details of how to pay.

Are my documents safe with you?

We view your documents for no other reason than for the service you employ. All content is viewed as confidential and not shared with any other party.

We make no claim to copyright. Upon completion of any service you employ, you own all changes suggested or made to your document.

See terms and conditions.

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